We are located on 4306 Chapman in Houston, Texas 77009.
Directions are 2 blks west of Hardy in between Calavade and
Collingsworth st.
713-6993137 or fax 713-699-2952
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True Deliverance "Ark of God" is a place where Your Grandparents would feel comfortable. Church
worship service is as the world says "Old School". We believe in letting God direct our worship
service. We thank God for Jesus our Savior, Lord, our redeemer
AT the "Ark" we believe in the Whole Bible Mark 1:15
We have a Vision of a place of safety that looks similar to the Ark that Moses built. A building that
should remind people what happen to the world when Noah built his Ark, and the reason for it, God
shut the door and nobody else could get in. This time there will be fire no more water. Fire that
consume all that have not been born again and filled with the Holy Ghost Gods spirit on Earth.
So come into the Ark (Acts 2:38) Repent be baptized and receive the gift of Holy Ghost
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True Deliverance "Ark of God" Church
What God is doing at the "Ark"!
The Ark is receiving a new roof, the new bathrooms have been completed the
Fellowship Hall has been refurbished: with a new coating of paint on ceiling and
walls. Praise God for all that he has done for these Children of His.
Psa. 142 Says look at the people around you they are there because the righteous
shall surround you.  You are blessed and they know it.
God has done to much for you and I for us to be stressed with the cares of this
World because those cares will soon will Pass away.
1 Peter 5:7 says "place your
cares on him for HE cares for you".